100 White Strut Clips - Hanger plastic Clips garment shirt coat trousers secured gripper


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Product Description

Package Includes:

100 Strut Clips White

Item specifics:

Product Type: Clips
Plastic Type: PP
Size: 22x55mm
Shape: U-Shape, Strong gripper
Color: Black, White
Material: Durable plastic heavy Duty
Use: Trousers, garment, shirt, coat, sweater and more
Product Description:

It functions the same for scarf, towels.
As the packaging clips for the heavy clothes.
Another function is to display the scarf, towel, swatch on grid. Just hang this clip on grid wire, and let it clip the scarf/towels.
Keeps pants perfect with these convenient White Pant Strut Clips. They stop pants from sliding off hangers, and give your product that extra premium look customers will appreciate. Now with brighter white clips.