Crayola 24 Count Washable Markers Broad Bright Assorted Colors, Non-Toxic - Pack of 2

Crayola 24 Count Washable Markers Broad Bright Assorted Colors, Non-Toxic - Pack of 2

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Color Red
Brand Crayola
Material CRAYONS
Item Number 52-0033-038
Recommended Age 4 - 15 years

Product Description:

CRAYOLA CRAYONS are a must-have art supply for your tiny Van Gogh.
These simple tools have the ability to unleash countless hours of self-expression and imaginative play.
We've inspired artistic creativity in children since the first box of Crayola crayons rolled off the assembly line.
Crayola is passionate about helping parents & educators raise creative children who will become inspired, original adults.
Looking to update your crayon collection? Check out our exciting specialty packs, like metallic, glitter, and even fabric crayons.
With convenient packaging and educator preferred color selection, this box provides large-sized crayons in red for classroom activities or custom coloring projects.
The classic colors are always a hit with kiddos, from My First Palm Grip crayons for toddlers, to Silly Scents, & Ultra Clean washable crayons, to the 152 piece Ultimate Crayon Collection.
Whether you're creating a landscape masterpiece or decorating t-shirts with your Girl Scouts troop, Crayola has the markers, pens, kids markers, paints, colored pencils & crayons you need to make your project pop in bold, bright colors.
Markers for kids or adults, washable paints, bright crayons, even scented markers, we've got it all.
Crayola gives kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, create & dream.

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