NiftyPlaza Onion Slicer Stainless Steel Assistant Food Holder Durable Kitchen Gadgets Food Grade Slicers Slicing Tools

NiftyPlaza Onion Slicer Stainless Steel Assistant Food Holder Durable Kitchen Gadgets Food Grade Slicers Slicing Tools


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Product Description:

Product Specifications:

Color Silver
Style Modern
Model Number NP-3329
Brand Name NiftyPlaza
Usage Home Kitchen
Feature Sustainable, Stocked
Advantage Environment Friendly
Type Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Metal Type Metal/Stainless Steel + ABS
Product Name Onion, Fruit, Meet & Vegetable Holder/Slicer
Product Description:

It is also easy to clean after use.
Multipurpose - Not just for onions.
Slice the blade between the fork teeth.
Light in weight, everyone can use it for cooking.
Just place your blade between the tines and slice away.
Made of food grade stainless steel, durable and nice look.
Combined with three material, onion slicers are more durable.
If you do not want to touch onion, this gadget will be a great solution.
The long steel needle penetrates deeply into the meat to improve its taste.
Onion Holder, Keep onions, potatoes, tomatoes and carrots sliced evenly.
Dishwasher safe, Extra thick plastic handle, non-slip, makes your holding more comfortable.
It has super sharp stainless steel needle, just put the blade between the fork teeth and cut off.
It really helps for preparing dishes and salads quicker. High quality and durable stainless steel.
This all-in-one kitchen gadget allows you to chop uniform slices of onion without having to ever touch it.
The sharp teeth are sharp enough to slide easily into hard vegetables such as onions, carrots or potatoes.
It features ultra-sharp stainless steel tines that pierce even the hardest vegetables like carrots & potatoes.
Onion holder will not be rusty forever, can be used for a long time and cleaned easily just rinse under the wash-tap.
Ten forks of these onion holder for slicing are made of hardened 304 stainless steel to ensure that they remain super sharp.
The onion rack can also help you remove any odor from your hands when you're finished - there's no onion on your hands anymore.
The vegetable holder can also be used as a meat tenderizer. Long steel needle penetrates deeply, into the meat to improve its taste.
NiftyPlaza onion slicer holder are 100% BPA-free, strictly selected from food-grade stainless steel material, non-toxic and safe to our health.
Stainless steel + PP, This handy gadget not only holds the onion for you (no more stinky hands), but also guides your knife for perfectly even slices.
The handle is made of 430 stainless steel and durable reinforced ABS super-thick plastic. There are firm and non-slippery, making your grip more comfortable.
Clever and non-slip handle of this food slicing assistant help you make quick meals and protect fingers. 10 long steel needles can easily penetrates deeply into food.
2 for 1 - Not only can this onion holder slicer fix vegetables and fruits such as onions, the needle is very strong, so it can also be used as tender meat needle to make your life easier.
This kitchen gadget can be used as meat tenderizer machine, Onion slicer holder, potato slicing assistant and other hard ingredients such as fruits, potatoes, carrots, lemons, and even garlic.

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