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Avery Metal Rim Key Tags, 1.25" Diameter Tag, Metal Split Ring, 50 Tags Assorted Colors

Avery Metal Rim Key Tags, 1.25" Diameter Tag, Metal Split Ring, 50 Tags Assorted Colors

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Product Specifications:

Material   Blend
Shape    Round
Brand    AVERY
Color    Assorted
Item Number  AVE11026
Size     Pack of 50

Product Description:

A great solution for identification tags, valet tags, and gift tags.
Reinforced metal rim tags resist tearing, fraying, and everyday wear and tear.
Smooth, writable surfaces on both sides of the 1-1/4" diameter metal rimmed tags.
Each tag includes a metal split ring so that it can be quickly hooked into keyrings.
Keep track of keys for your home, office, and more with Avery metal rim key tags with split rings.
Handwrite-only metal-rimmed key tags are compatible with pencils, ballpoint pens, permanent markers, and more.
These multipurpose tags are also a useful way to add flair to gifts, organize assets, and sort accessories.
Colors include red, green, yellow, and white and the card stock is cut from a sturdy 15pt paper card material.
The smooth matte surface is compatible with ballpoint pens, roller pens, gel pens, permanent markers, and pencils.
The cardstock in the center of each round paper tag is writable on both sides for easy handwriting and better visibility.
The split rings can also be easily removed so that you can use your own string, yarn, or ribbons with the pre-punched hole.
Along with being great key identification tags, these tags are also great as small luggage tags, gift tags, and tags for craft supplies.
Each round tag is lined with a durable metal rim that maintains the shape of the tag and helps protect it from tears, folds, and everyday wear and tear.
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