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6 in 1 Multifunction type C Hub USB C to HDTV 4K Multi Ports Macbook PD 87W Power Charging

6 in 1 Multifunction type C Hub USB C to HDTV 4K Multi Ports Macbook PD 87W Power Charging

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Product Specification:

Power output                   5V-20V
Shell color                       Silver
Hardware Interface         USB, HDMI
Hub Size                         114*28*11mm
HDTV 2.0                        4K 30Hz 1080p
USB3.0 transmission speed 5.0Gbps(640MB/s)
USB2.0 transmission speed 480Mbps(60MB/s im)
Special Feature               Slim, Fast Charging
Shell material                   ABS + Aluminium Alloy
Interface type                   TYPE-C to PD SD Card USB 3.0
Plug Specifications          Type C 3.1*1 + USB 3.0 USB3.0*1                                                        USB2.0*1 + SD Card + HDTV
Product name                   6 in 1 type c hub USB C to HDTV 4K Hub                                             6-in-1 for macbook usb hubs
Compatible Devices         Smartphones, Projectors, Keyboards,                                                 Monitors, Laptops, Card Readers

Product Description:

SD card slot: speed up to 104MB/s.
TF card slot: speed up to 104MB/s.
HDMI: Support 4K*2K (3840x2160) 30Hz.
USB 3.0: Data transfer speed up to 5Gbps.
USB2.0: Can be connected to mouse, keyboard, etc
USB-C data transfer port: data transfer speed up to 480Mbps.
USB-C Port Charging Function: Support up to 60W fast charging.
This hub combines multiple functions into a compact and portable design, making it an essential tool for individuals seeking convenience and flexibility in their digital workflows.
The 6-in-1 Multifunction Type C Hub is a versatile and feature-rich accessory designed to expand the connectivity options of USB Type-C enabled devices, with a particular focus on enhancing the capabilities of MacBook users. 

Key Features:

USB-C Power Delivery (PD) - 87W: The hub supports USB Power Delivery at an impressive 87 watts, allowing for rapid and efficient charging of compatible devices. This high power delivery is especially beneficial for MacBook users, ensuring a quick charge to keep your device powered throughout the day.

4K HDMI Output: With a 4K HDMI port, the hub enables high-resolution video output to an external HDTV or monitor. This feature is perfect for presentations, video streaming, or extending your MacBook's display for a larger and more immersive workspace.

Multiple USB Ports: Equipped with USB-A ports, the hub provides additional connectivity for traditional USB devices such as external hard drives, keyboards, mice, and more. This feature enhances the versatility of your MacBook by offering multiple ports for various peripherals.

SD and MicroSD Card Slots: The inclusion of SD and MicroSD card slots allows for convenient access to your camera's memory cards, making it easy to transfer photos and videos without the need for additional adapters.

Gigabit Ethernet Port: For users requiring a stable and high-speed wired internet connection, the hub features a Gigabit Ethernet port. This is particularly useful in situations where a reliable and fast internet connection is essential, such as during video conferencing or large file transfers.

Plug-and-Play Design: The hub is designed for easy and straightforward use, featuring a plug-and-play design that eliminates the need for additional drivers or software installations. Simply connect the hub to your MacBook's USB-C port, and it's ready to enhance your device's capabilities.

Compact and Portable: Despite its multiple functions, the hub maintains a compact and portable design, making it easy to carry in your laptop bag. This portability ensures that you can enjoy expanded connectivity wherever you go.

In summary, the 6-in-1 Multifunction Type C Hub is a comprehensive solution for MacBook users and other USB-C devices, offering a wide range of connectivity options, rapid power delivery, and high-definition video output in a compact and user-friendly package.
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