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Gardening Hand Pruner Garden Tree Pruning Shear, 6.5 Inch, Straight Stainless Steel Blades - 2 Pack

Gardening Hand Pruner Garden Tree Pruning Shear, 6.5 Inch, Straight Stainless Steel Blades - 2 Pack

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Product Specifications:

Size       : 6.5"
Grade      :Garden
Pruner Type    :Ratchet
Handle Material  :Plastic
Model Number  :NP-21743
Brand      :NiftyPlaza
Finishing     : Not Coated
Color      :Blue + Gold
Products Name  :Pruning Shear
Feature    :  Anti-Slip Grip
Material     : Stainless Steel
Application  :  Cutting Branches
Type      :Garden Tools Pruner
Blade Material  :  Stainless Steel Blades

Product Description:

Handy size for flexible use.
Awesome addition to the gardening tool set.
They are great for selective pruning of plants.
Curved Stainless Steel Blades with Titanium Coated.
They are very sharp and they are worth what you paid for them.
Watch your fingers! They are still going strong after a long time use.
Keep it in your side pocket when you are in the garden or warm house.
You will also find so many uses around the house for these functional snippers.
These will become all go-to tools for all seasons and for both inside and outside your home.
Trimming grass and using it to prune tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, and snip a few strawberry stems.
They are great to open all those boxes we get from shopping, can cut coupons, and silently snip tangled burrs from cat hair.
These micro tip snips are built spring-loaded so that they automatically push themselves open without you having to do the work which greatly reduces hand fatigue
making these snips great for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, hand or wrist issues.
Comfort Grip handles will make it easy to work for long periods without discomfort.
These quality snips come with stainless steel precision-sharpened blades which are titanium coated and are ready to tackle all of your deadheading, trimming, and shaping needs for your roses, annuals, vegetable, and small flower gardens
These micro-tip snips feature a safe and secure sideways locking mechanism that keeps your blades protected and closed when not in use.
The design of these pruning snips is perfect to use whether you are right or left-handed with ease.
With these micro tip snips, you can easily get between plants to "clip and snip" only the area or part that you want to cut with one hand and without damaging the other vital stems and branches of your other plants.
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