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NiftyPlaza 50 Pieces Jumbo Craft Sticks, Natural Wood for Building, Mixing, Creating Craft Projects, 6 x 3/4

NiftyPlaza 50 Pieces Jumbo Craft Sticks, Natural Wood for Building, Mixing, Creating Craft Projects, 6 x 3/4

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Product Specifications:

Number of pieces  50
Material     Wood
Shape      Sticks
Brand      NiftyPlaza
Edges      Straight Edges
Quality      Professional Quality
Type      Jumbo Natural Craft Stick
Quantity     Includes 50 sticks/Pack
Color      Light colored, Natural wood
Dimension: 5 - 7/8 x 3/4 x 1/16 inch
14.9 cm x 1.85 cm x 1.5 mm

Product Detail:

Jumbo wood sticks are a great craft item for all ages.
Safe, sturdy, sustainable- wooden popcical stix for perfect experience.
Food grade safe- can be used for ices, ice creams, cakesicles and desserts.
These are great for mixing paint and to use as vegetable markers in a garden.
These are no-break sticks, so no mishaps, and eco-friendly to help you do your part.
You can use it as a paint mixing sticks, hair paint wax, glue for slime or food sticks.
These 6” large popsicle sticks, 50 count, are here to make tasks easier and hassle-free.
Kid-friendly stir sticks with rounded edges and splinterless wood so there are no boo boos.
Made of Natural Birch wood, with smooth surface, will not hurt your skin and very comfortable.
Kids and grown-ups will love making and decorating picture frames, boxes, stick puppets and more.
Adults could use this for a waxing applicator as well. Can also be used as big wooden tongue depressors.
Ideal for school activities, large home improvement projects, and creating an array of exciting projects.
You can use it as a garden green plant labels (glue) or sticker to mark each of your seedling pots or cups.
These premium jumbo craft sticks would always be a great learning tool for kids to have fun and be creative.
Perfect for group activities with children, classroom use, camping, art and craft lessons and Christmas decor.
Can remove waxed hair, eyebrows and other awkward areas; Can also be applied to make other crafts and arts, etc.
Can be used for crafts, projects ices, ice creams, desserts, hair removal and as an applicator for most substances.
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