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NiftyPlaza 8 Inch 75 LBs Cable Ties, UV Weather Resistant, Nylon Wrap Zip Ties, Total 200

NiftyPlaza 8 Inch 75 LBs Cable Ties, UV Weather Resistant, Nylon Wrap Zip Ties, Total 200

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Product Specifications:

Brand: NiftyPlaza

Type: Nylon Cable Ties 

Size: 4.8 mm x 200 mm

Quantity: 100 cable ties per bag

Type: Nylon 66 (UL Recognized)

Temperature: Up to 185 (°F) Resistant.

Strength: Up to 75 lbs. Tensile Strength

Material: Weather Resistant Nylon Plastic

Condition: Brand New in factory packaging (never used or opened)

Product Details:

Never Slip.
Locking secure.
Aging Resistant.
Nylon 66 94V-2.
Color: Natural Clear.
UL Flammability 94 V.2.
High tensile strength up to 50 lbs.
In stock in the USA and ready to ship.
Easy to Use Our zip ties even with your industrial gloves on.
Multi-purpose cable ties for tethering, tying, and securing items.
Temperature tolerance from -40 to 85 degrees C or -40 to 185 degrees F.
Self-locking fastener stays locked permanently in position, does not unlock, remove with scissors.
Durable, Aging resistant, Never Slip, Locking secure, UL Flammability 94 V.2, High tensile strength.
Ideal for use in the home, office, garden, or workplace for securing wires/cables, plants, tarps, fencing, and much more.
Easy to use, the ties offer a fast solution for securing items in the home, garden, office, or workshop. Ties remain closed once fastened and require scissors to remove.
Multipurpose Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Nylon Plastic Hang lights and banners, attach fences, bundle computer, TV cables together, Electric Cable Ties can also use them for industrial construction jobs.
These durable zip ties are great to have on hand for indoor or outdoor use securing posts, tarps, plants, cables, wires, and much more. Keep in your toolbox, junk drawer, or trunk for quick fixes, and enjoy convenience and reliability in one.



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