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Small Analog Alarm Clock Battery Operated, Travel Silent with No Ticking Analog Quartz Snooze, Light

Small Analog Alarm Clock Battery Operated, Travel Silent with No Ticking Analog Quartz Snooze, Light

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Product Detail:

Ideal simple clock:

Small size: Compact and space-saving design.
Versatile placement: Suitable for any room or decor style.
Durable construction: Built to last with quality materials.
Battery-powered: Runs on a single AA battery (not included)
Quartz accuracy: Precise timekeeping with minimal deviation.
Easy to set: Simple time adjustment using the dial on the back.
Analog display: Classic analog clock face with easy-to-read numbers.
Minimalistic design: A simple and elegant addition to your home or office.
Silent operation: Non-ticking quartz movement for a noise-free environment.

Light On Demand:

Press the large top bar in the night and the dial will light for easy viewing in the dark.

User-friendly Non Ticking:

Hight quality and silent movement used ensure time is always accurate and will never disturb your sweet sleep, perfect for light sleeper.

Neat Dial:

Large and clear numeric indicatorat every hour and minute tracker with durable scratch-resistant screen make it easy to see from any corner of your room.

Product Description:

Ideal for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, and more
look at in the dark without having to turn on the light.
They take little space on table in living room, bedroom, office.
The clocks are suitable for bathroom ,bookself, desk, nightstand. 
It's really a good clock for the young and older, which are easy to read and set.
This is a basic alarm clock made of high tech quiet quartz movement, it wont disturb your sleep at night.
Good old fashioned clock, easy to load battery and keeps really good time, the battery life will last a long time.
Quite simple to set and operate, everyone including the elderly or kids can use it, large dial and clear face, you can read time easily.
Perfect size for using and great value for money, bought this for your old mum or other elderly people who wants a simple to use non ticker alarm clock, they will be surely happy with this gift.

Alarm setting:

Install the battery: Remove the rear case, then open the battery box, first insert the negative pole of the battery, and then press the positive pole of the battery.
Time setting: Remove the back cover, turn the time knob in the direction indicated by the arrow, and adjust to the desired time.
Turn on or turn off the alarm clock: turn the alarm switch to the "ON" position, the clock will automatically alarm when the clock reaches the set alarm time, and then turn the switch to the "OFF" position to turn it off.
Alarm time setting: Remove the back cover, rotate the alarm knob in the direction indicated by the arrow, and adjust to the desired alarm time.
Gently press and hold the top night light switch at night to turn on a soft light.
Snooze function: When the alarm ring sounds, tap the snooze switch on the top to snooze for about 5 minutes until the alarm clock is turned off.
The precision of the pointer of the alarm setting: plus or minus 5 minutes difference

The duration of the alarm to the point is: 45 minutes (if the switch is not turned off)


If you accidentally adjusted it a little, please don't pull it back directly, you need to rewind it again, otherwise the alarm clock pointer will mess up other pointers and cause time confusion.
On the top is the light button and snooze button, Press the top easy-access large snooze/light button to illuminate the entire dial few seconds for night time viewing. This also suspends the alarm for 5 minutes which offers you an extra light sleep.
Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

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